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ALIOS ILIOS: Our gastronomic delights for the new season

At our fine-dining restaurant ALIOS ILIOS, the new concept of the season reflects, once again, our philosophy of creativity and passion for excellence that extends throughout Santo Maris’s offerings to its guests.

The concept in one word: Meraki. The untranslatable unique Greek word that describes the action from the soul, with creativity, passion, and love. Meraki is the essence of Santo Maris; from our Food and Beverage operations, and Guest Experience team, through the Housekeeping team. Our main goal is to offer our guests a memorable hospitality experience.

For this summer our culinary team presents a menu of flavorsome dishes that pay tribute to Greek authentic flavors, while offering new and creative interpretations for the most discerning palates.

Our appetizers are just the beginning. Choose from dishes such as Trahanas – a delightful grain soup, made with shrimps, local sausage or feta cheese, or the classic Aegean favourite – Octopus, served with delicious fava.

For main course try the fresh caught Sea bream with artichoke, enticingly prepared with a hint of ouzo – A la Polita”. Sea food is a specialty at ALIOS ILIOS, and our seafood platter – with lobster, squid, sea bass, octopus and shrimps – is a stunning dish.

Sea bream a la polita

With chefs who pride themselves on their own unique interpretations of the great traditional Greek favorites, the delicately prepared veal Mouzaka and Pasticcio are highly recommended. For meat lovers, there is Fricasse, made with tender lamb in a delicate egg and lemon sauce, and Savore – a delicious pork dish with sublime mashed potato and local mushrooms.

Last but not least, let’s not forget scrumptious desserts. Try the Tart, lovingly prepared from raspberries, beetroot and melon, with a dash of yoghurt and basil, or perhaps the irresistible dark Chocolate sorbet, with praline sesame and hibiscus.

Tart with raspberries & beetroot

For a true gastronomic adventure, treat yourself to our Seven Stage Degustation Menu – an exquisite journey through our top signature dishes, paired with seven of the finest wines in our cellar, showcasing wines from Crete, the Greek islands and the mainland.

We leave the last word to one of our valued guests who declared on TripAdvisor this month: “Delicious Greek food expertly turned into fine cuisine. Genuine Greek hospitality. A sunset view to die for. A sommelier who’s a real specialist. What else to ask for?”

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

ALIOS ILIOS is open daily from 7.30pm until 10:30 pm.
Tel. +30 2897 502151

Summer nights – See the Stars under the stars

Here in Santorini, at least one visit to Open Air Cinema Kamari is a must for any movie lover. The cinema has been open since the late 1980s offering visitors and locals the quintessential Greek summer experience – sitting in comfort on a balmy evening, sipping one’s favourite drink – with one or two nibbles and be engrossed in a great movie.

It’s an experience not to be missed. With its state-of-the-art sound and projection equipment, the latest ‘A’ class movies, and one of the most picture-perfect auditoriums to be found in the Mediterranean, it’s a movie goer’s dream. Housed beautiful garden flanked by eucalyptus and palm trees, bathed in discrete lighting, and with every respect given to the architecture of Santorini, this is a pleasant place to be.


At the center of Santorini’s artistic life, the cinema is also home to some of the island’s most exciting cultural events including live music concerts and theatre performances, while this venue hosts local artists’ exhibitions. In recent years the cinema has won numerous accolades in the international media, including being described by the US TV network CNN as one of the 10 best open cinemas in the world!


Open Air Cinema Kamari is at the entrance to Kamari town on the main road to Fira. A bus stop is just across from the entrance. It is open from May until October, and the ticket costs 8€. Cinephiles head here of course for the movies, but Kamari’s almost as famous for its amazing cocktail bar. Strawberry Daiquiris and Mojitos are house specialties. There’s also a great range of beers and wines, soft drinks, ice cream and snacks. Movies are shown in their English language version with Greek subtitles. Doors open 20.30 and the movie starts 21.30.

Just some of the great movies being shown this summer include (in June) the Oscar-winning Green Book, Stan and Ollie, eMamma Mia, and its sequel Mamma Mia: Here we go again along with The Hustle and Men in Black: International. As the nights get even warmer, Avengers: Endgame kicks off July. See the full program and dates.

The Lost Atlantis Experience

The Lost Atlantis Experience – an exciting state-of-the-art digital interactive experience exploring the myth of Atlantis – is a new and stunning addition to Santorini’s visitor attractions.

For thousands of years the story of the lost city of Atlantis, written by ancient Greece’s most famous philosopher Plato, has gripped the world. Capturing the imagination of millions, the tale of how an ancient island city, (believed by some to be Santorini), was created and then destroyed, is one of the great legends.

The founders of Atlantis were said to be half god, half man, a race who created a rich and powerful civilisation, but the city at the heart of the myth would be destroyed in a cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami – which, as the legend goes – was punishment by the gods for greed and immorality.

Now the story of Atlantis is being presented in a truly extraordinary way in Santorini itself, and it makes a stunning excursion for all the family. Using the latest interactive technology, visitors to the Lost Atlantis Experience Museum can experience everyday life in the mythical city through virtual ‘windows in time’, discover how the Minoan civilisation may well be at the heart of the Atlantis story, and even relive the earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami that caused the destruction of the city, using the latest ‘9D’ virtual reality.

Through its high-tech wonders the Experience allows visitors to explore Plato’s life journey through an interactive fresco, and engage with the famous philosopher, to find out more about the legendary city, and the theories surrounding its existence. This is history exploration with the accent on fun.

Having only opened its doors in May 2019, already the Lost Atlantis Experience has already received acclaim, with early visitors expressing their delight at this new and pioneering addition to Santorini’s attractions.

The Lost Atlantis Experience is open daily, 09:00 – 21:00. 12€ adults, 6€ children (7-12). Children under 6 admitted free.

Please ask our Guest Experience Specialist in the reception of Santo Maris Oia for details about the best way to arrange your visit.

The Lost Atlantis Experience

2286 085076
Megalochori 84700

A Romantic Dinner for Two at Alios Ilios

Santorini, Oia at sunset. The suggestion evokes the essence of why couples choose to visit legendary Santorini in the first place. The view over the sea from Oia when the sun goes down is as iconic and timeless as you have imagined it. However, the thousands who gather to take in a glimpse of the celestial spectacle can detract you from the experience. So, for those who want an intimate moment with their partner, can a stroll along the path that connects Fira with Oia is a magic experience.

Santorini visitors who choose Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa for their vacation on this dreamy island will enjoy seclusion, privacy, and gourmet tastes under the panoramic blazing orange and yellow visions of the skies at Alios Ilios – the flagship restaurant of the resort which was recently awarded among the best restaurants in Greece by the Greek Cuisine Awards.

The sun gazing experience at Alios Ilios is punctuated with culinary perfection

Alios Ilios means “the sun setting and rising into the sea” –inspired by the unique sunsets that make Santorini such a sought-after destination and. The sun gazing experience here is punctuated with culinary perfection – especially since the restaurant offers an irresistible dinner for two to seal every twilight.

Couples seeking romance will enjoy the menu by Alios Ilios at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa. The price-set romantic menu includes four dishes from our a la carte menu, accompanied by a bottle of either Assyrtiko or Mavrotragano wine.

Guests are encouraged to book this dinner package via the Santo Maris Oia website, or through our Guest Experience specialists. For those who want to enjoy a dining experience second to none during the sunset in the privacy of their own suite, Alios Ilios offers this exclusive dining opportunity.

Santorini Through Nelly’s Lens

Nelly Sougioultzoglou-Seraidari (1899-1998), was an amazing Greek photographic talent better known as Nelly’s. Her unique attempts to capture the distinctive light of the Cyclades and other Greek locations are legendary. Her extraordinary work is reflected in the “Nelly’s Santorini, 1925-1930” album, which was published in 1987 and republished in 2001 by the Archive of Santorinian Studies. Famous for having traversed every goat’s path and cliff precipice on Santorini to capture this special harsh light, the view from Nelly’s lens still captivates people from every walk of life even today.
The volume published by the Archive of Santorinian Studies includes comments from the photographer about her perceptions at the time. Back in those days, travel to the island was exclusively by boat from the mainland or from Crete, and in Nelly’s recollections, this travel log of her journey’s plays a major role in the compositions of the photographs. One paragraph from the book reproduced by Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini puts things into perspective:

“I could hardly wait to set off with my equipment. In those days, one travelled by sea. The boat to Santorini arrived at dawn. It was, I recall, summertime. At 5.30 a.m. I was on deck. I wanted to enjoy my first view of the island from a distance, before entering the harbor, and to take a few photographs from there. I shall never forget that magical spectacle upon beholding the island. It seemed as if I were looking at an enormous chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream. And when the sun rose and shed its golden rays upon it, I gazed as if I would never get my fill. Never before had I seen such a vista, and I tried to make the most of those unforgettable moments, to immortalize them in the few photographs I took.”

The adventurous photographer took special note of the way the island looked from the sea as her boat approached, and the first photos of the island are from before entering the harbor. During her adventure on the island, Nelly managed to capture stunning imagery from Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Pyrgos, Kamari, Exo Gonia and Perissa, with famous Oia proving too difficult to navigate for more than a few images.
Nelly’s work on Santorini brought the island to life in images for the first time, making the nature the focal point, adorned with unbelievably lifelike people, stunning village-scapes, and conveying the unmatched beauty of Santorini.
Even 90 years after Nelly processed these images, the vibrant captures of volcanic Santorini have left an indelible mark. Pictures from Nelly’s trip to the island in the mid-1920s now grace the collection of the Benakis’ Museum.

Horse Riding in Santorini: Experience Sunsets on Horseback

Imagine a stunning sunset over iconic Santorini’s cliffs. Now imagine one of the most unforgettable experiences in the world from horseback. It’s possible to make even the most memorable moments even more momentous with a horseback tour along the rim, winding down through narrow village streets, exploring the heart of Thira.

Booking a horse riding tour of Santorini is definitely a unique experience to be remembered. For travelers who thrive on journeys beyond the beaten path, the horseback adventures on Santorini are a real differentiator. Local companies offer custom tours on thoroughbreds through the meandering streets of the traditional village of Megalochori, in the cliffs and in the unique landscape of Vlychada. Although the most common horseback riding adventures on Santorini are along a beach (Vlychada), equestrians can choose to gallop along through awe-inspiring gorges or picturesque vineyards, and even to the archaeological site of Akrotiri, among other interesting destinations.

On horseback, visitors get a different viewpoint as they explore the spectacular villages, vineyards, hidden beaches, and as they ride along the caldera while watching the sunset. There are even combo-tours for riding and wine tasting, not to mention custom excursions for either new or experienced riders.

While some might think Santorini via horseback a novel or unrealistic excursion, it’s important to remember the horse in all Greek tradition. Remember Bucephalus, the legendary warhorse of Alexander the Great, as you ride the old dirt roads of Oia or explore the hidden ravines down toward the waiting volcanic beaches. You can also enjoy private horse rides with a romantic dinner along the way. You can even get married on horseback if you envision your Santorini visit as a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ask our guest experience specialists when you stay at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa to recommend you the riding tour that best decribes your preferenceces and organise it for your and your loved ones.

We urge you to avoid riding donkeys, as the animals are now under governmental protection.

Island Hopping: What Nearby Islands to Visit from Santorini

Each summer the Greek isles get a new infusion of tourists seeking their “bucket list” existential experiences. Santorini is often the bullseye destination more sought out than some others. However, many who arrive here do not realize how close other famous Greek isles are, and few take the opportunity to use Santorini as a home port for greater exploration. For those who do, the following list of nearby destinations may prove helpful.


A short distance from Santorini (1.5 hours by fast ferry), Crete is the legendary land of the ancient Minoans. The largest island in Greece, Crete is known for its rugged mountains and pristine beaches, and for charming villages set around ancient hamlets. Famed for the friendliness of its locals, the island has some of Europe’s most famous beaches including Elafonisi, Falasarna, and the well-known Vai, where Europe’s biggest palm forest hugs the shoreline. On Crete, you’ll find worlds within a world set on an island paradise where legends still echo, and where hospitality takes on a whole new meaning. Visit the Minoan Palace at Knossos, then find a lost beach cove somewhere in the mountains of Sfakia. Crete is simply amazing.


This island gem is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Mykonos is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the wild party vibe too. Since forever, the island has been a favorite playground for celebrities and the jet-set crowd. Known to many as “The Island of the Winds,” Mykonos was first made famous back in the early 1930s. Key points of interest on the island are Psarou Beach, Paradise Beach, and the unspoiled hidden beach hangouts the party set searches out each season. For a non-stop beach party, this is the place to be seen. Daily ferries in between Santorini and Mykonos, take about 2 hours.


The largest island of the Cyclades group is almost as popular as its closest neighbor Mykonos. Covering an area of nearly 430,000 square kilometers, this magical atoll of 18,000 local inhabitants is famous for its pristine beaches, for Kitron, and for gastronomic wonders as well. If you desire undiscovered beach bliss or the Temple of Demeter, Naxos is a must visit paradise not far by ferry from Santorini (1.5 hours). Other attractions include the Eggares Olive Press Museum, Kouros Statue, the Temple of Apollo, the Cave of Zeus, Bazeos Tower, Zas Mountain, and the Venetian Museum.


This fantastic island is home to about 13,000 full-time residents scattered across a landscape of traditional villages and beautiful beaches few can imagine. One of the most popular of the Cyclades group, Paros covers a total area of 196.3 square kilometers. Here you will find family travelers mixing it up with romantic explorers and the youthful et. The main villages of Parikia and Naoussa get most of the action, but in all, there are 38 beaches with some of the cleanest sand and aquamarine surf anywhere. A favored spot for windsurfers and kiteboarders, the island is a watersports legend. The best-known ones, Santa Maria, Kolymbithres, and the New Golden Beach are buzzing with sporting enthusiasts. The Santorini to Paros, the ferry ride is a bit longer than to the other outlying islands, but 2-3 hours cruising the Aegean is not the worst destiny ever. Paros is another “must” if you have the time.

Coming Up in a Few Days: “Santorini Experience”, the Ultimate Sports Event in the island

October 5 to 7, Santorini will host one of the most celebrated sports events of the year, the Santorini Experience event for swimmers and runners. The event is organized by the Santorini Municipality, the Municipal Sports Cultural & Environmental Organization in Santorini (DAPPOS) and the Active Media Group under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization and the Hellenic Swimming Federation (KOE). Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa has the ultimate joy to be one of the main official sponsors of the event for the second consecutive year.
Sports enthusiasts and athletes will compete in open water swimming and running races. Olympic and open water world champion Nikos Gemelos selected the swimming route this year. The race starts at the harbor of the volcano and ends at the pier of the old port of Fira. Swimmers will arrive at the starting line by boat and compete on water 2.4 kilometers. This year, the competition has joined the Global Swim Series, which encourages participation in open water swimming all over the world. This year’s event will feature many big names of the Greek National Open Water Swimming Team such as world champions Kelly Araouzou and Antonis Fokaidis, European champion George Arniakos, and Greek champions Dimitris Negris, Stellina Aplanti, Dejan Jovanovic, and Dimitris Manios.

Nikos Polias, former marathon runner, holder of national best performance on the classical route, running coach, manager of All About Running, and technical director of the running section of the event, selected the paths for the joggers. There are three routes: 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, and 15 kilometers, all with different levels of difficulty, and all following the caldera in the south part of the island, on the usual hike path from Oia to Fira with amazing views.
Competitors will receive their racing kits at the Alafouzos Sports store in Fira. All running races start at the desalination plant in Oia, in Perivolas, next to the Saint Vasileios Church. The location offers beautiful views of the village of Oia – it will make an excellent starting point for the three running races that take place on Saturday, October 6, 2018. There will also be a separate, 1-kilometer children’s race.
The winners will be celebrated in the evening with an artistic program featuring the International Dancing Group of Santorini “Stamatina Xiarchou” & Association of Pontians Eptamyloi Serres “Akrites.” A public concert performed by C: Real in the surrounding area of the Indoor Hall DAPPOS will take place the same evening at eight.
The Santorini Experience is an international, public event that puts world-class athletes alongside amateurs competing in a friendly contest that demonstrates stamina and skill, but also builds community and friendships with like-minded people from around the world.
Registration is open to all, free of charge. You can join Santorini Experience to compete, you can race for fun, or you can attend as a spectator. Anything goes. The purpose of the competition is to encourage fitness while its participants enjoy the beauty of Santorini.

Idyllic Privacy of Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa’s Luxury Villas

The Luxury Sunset Villas at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa are the ultimate expression of the glowing minimalist indulgence designed to captivate our guests. Perched to look over the sparkling blues of the Aegean Sea, offer guests moments of tranquility and serenity by admiring the colors of the sky. When you think about your stay on timeless Santorini years from now, you will remember the unassuming décor, bright spaces, and mesmerizing vistas offered by these dreamy villas.

Santorini is an unforgettable memory no matter what, but Oia’s magnificent sunset, observed from the privacy of your own personal pool helps create an epic story. These chic villas offer style perfection, luxurious privileges like your own private veranda with heated Jacuzzi, dinner al fresco or even your own in-room spa therapist at your beacon call.

Each Luxury Sunset Villas has two spacious bedrooms with king-size beds, individual showers adjoining separate bathrooms, kitchenette, beautiful living areas, personal sauna, and a veranda with sun loungers for blissful sunbathing and relaxation at the resort. Accommodating up to four guests, they flaunt all the luxury amenities you’d expect from free Wi-Fi, luxe toiletries, plush bathrobes and slippers for a plus of comfort, and even separate sitting room with modern entertainment, like ultra large flat-screen HDTVs with international channels. There’s also a room for a butler, all complete with a functional kitchen. Everything about these villas is conceived to make you feel like a VIP – from the bottle of wine and sweets we prepare in your room to welcome you at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, to the smallest memorable details that will make your stay a unique experience.

From your arrival on Santorini, the unexpected of this majestic island surrounds you like you thought it will when you saw those images of epic sunsets of Oia. The glorious Greek architecture that’s graced magazine covers for decades, ancient Akrotiri, the cliffs, those unmistakable churches, and black sand beaches will still catch you unaware. There are only two things that can make your experience more memorable. The significant other you share it with, and the warm hospitality experience in the scenic Luxury Sunset Villas of Santo Maris.

The Luxury Sunset Villas were designed with epic personal stories in mind.

Traditions and Customs of Santorini

Tradition has it that mothers on Thira would lull their little ones to sleep each night with sweet verses from eons of time past. Today, the tradition lives on when Santorini ladies put their kids to bed for the night.

“Sleep star, sleep dawn, sleep new moon
your cradle was brought by a pearl
To set to sleep sugar, to awake honey
to give you water that angels drink”

Such is the way for every town or region in Greece. Local traditions are uniform in their richness and unique according to the history and nature of each individual place. From the foundations of towns and villages to wedding rituals and religious holidays, Santorini maintains the fabric of its cultural heritage. Here are some of the most interesting and time-honored ones.

The Name Day

Since anybody can remember, a child’s birthday has only been celebrated once. When a child reached one-year of age, relatives were (and still are) invited to celebrate his or her birth. On this day, according to tradition, parents put the child in front of a big sifter in which a variety of objects were placed. For boys, the objects might be a trowel, a carpenter’s tool, a paper boat, and so forth. For girls, the objects might include more feminine objects. In the ritual, if the boy selected the paper boat from the objects, then the superstition had it he would become a sailor, and so on. In this way, it is believed, the profession of a child could be predicted. Such traditions are considered meaningful in order to set young people on the right past very early on. After this “birthday” ritual, children and adults only celebrate their “name day,” or the day associated with the saint the person is named after.

Santorini Weddings

Weddings in Santorini take place on Sundays. By tradition, girls of the village gather in front of the bride’s house on the Thursday before, in order to break almonds and to make sugar plums. Then, on Friday, they make the bride’s bed and throw rice on it so that the wedding is solid, like the rice, and sweet, like the sugar plums.
Another part of the Santorini wedding tradition involves the father of the groom climbing on a roof at noon on the day of the wedding to shout the beginning of the ceremony to the village and the world. After this, violinists accompany the bride door to door to invite people to her ceremony saying “come to the wedding.” The total ceremony is complex and replete with many ancient traditions. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds put the wedding garlands they wore on their heads into a box near the religious icons they prayed before. By ancient tradition, the garlands are kept until the last survivor of the pair finally dies, and the garlands are placed in this person’s grave.

This New House

When workers first dig the trenches for the foundation of a new house on Santorini, a priest is called to slaughter a rooster on the street. After this, the parents of the owner give a blessing to the house at every corner of the structure by throwing coins into the foundation. This tradition is carried out even today, including installing a cross at every corner of the foundation. To this day, the lady of the house prepares a plate of sesame honey and raki to treat the workers and the guests.

Traditional Wear of Thira

According to ancient custom, Thirean women wear scarfs inside and outside of their homes. By the custom, the scarves are worn in a particular fashion, tightly bound and slightly upwards to reveal the forehead. Also, by custom, the married woman may welcome her visitors not wearing a scarf if her hair was done “just so” either washed or unwashed and set into a design of thick braids, and so forth. Until only recently, women of Santorini wore a hairstyle that was relative to their age and social class.
This same tradition carried through to the Thirean woman’s dress, and especially the ornate festive ones worn in past decades. Many square meters of fabric were used in the making of petticoats in previous times, and fancy corsets and bodices were also the style and tradition before the mid-20th-century.
These time-honored traditions keep the spirit of the island intact. Like all Greeks, the residents of Santorini have great respect for their ancestors and the values passed down from generation to generation.