Alios Ilios Restaurant


ALIOS ILIOS: Our gastronomic delights for the new season

At our fine-dining restaurant ALIOS ILIOS, the new concept of the season reflects, once again, our philosophy of creativity and passion for excellence that extends throughout Santo Maris’s offerings to its guests.

The concept in one word: Meraki. The untranslatable unique Greek word that describes the action from the soul, with creativity, passion, and love. Meraki is the essence of Santo Maris; from our Food and Beverage operations, and Guest Experience team, through the Housekeeping team. Our main goal is to offer our guests a memorable hospitality experience.

For this summer our culinary team presents a menu of flavorsome dishes that pay tribute to Greek authentic flavors, while offering new and creative interpretations for the most discerning palates.

Our appetizers are just the beginning. Choose from dishes such as Trahanas – a delightful grain soup, made with shrimps, local sausage or feta cheese, or the classic Aegean favourite – Octopus, served with delicious fava.

For main course try the fresh caught Sea bream with artichoke, enticingly prepared with a hint of ouzo – A la Polita”. Sea food is a specialty at ALIOS ILIOS, and our seafood platter – with lobster, squid, sea bass, octopus and shrimps – is a stunning dish.

Sea bream a la polita

With chefs who pride themselves on their own unique interpretations of the great traditional Greek favorites, the delicately prepared veal Mouzaka and Pasticcio are highly recommended. For meat lovers, there is Fricasse, made with tender lamb in a delicate egg and lemon sauce, and Savore – a delicious pork dish with sublime mashed potato and local mushrooms.

Last but not least, let’s not forget scrumptious desserts. Try the Tart, lovingly prepared from raspberries, beetroot and melon, with a dash of yoghurt and basil, or perhaps the irresistible dark Chocolate sorbet, with praline sesame and hibiscus.

Tart with raspberries & beetroot

For a true gastronomic adventure, treat yourself to our Seven Stage Degustation Menu – an exquisite journey through our top signature dishes, paired with seven of the finest wines in our cellar, showcasing wines from Crete, the Greek islands and the mainland.

We leave the last word to one of our valued guests who declared on TripAdvisor this month: “Delicious Greek food expertly turned into fine cuisine. Genuine Greek hospitality. A sunset view to die for. A sommelier who’s a real specialist. What else to ask for?”

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

ALIOS ILIOS is open daily from 7.30pm until 10:30 pm.
Tel. +30 2897 502151

A Romantic Dinner for Two at Alios Ilios

Santorini, Oia at sunset. The suggestion evokes the essence of why couples choose to visit legendary Santorini in the first place. The view over the sea from Oia when the sun goes down is as iconic and timeless as you have imagined it. However, the thousands who gather to take in a glimpse of the celestial spectacle can detract you from the experience. So, for those who want an intimate moment with their partner, can a stroll along the path that connects Fira with Oia is a magic experience.

Santorini visitors who choose Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa for their vacation on this dreamy island will enjoy seclusion, privacy, and gourmet tastes under the panoramic blazing orange and yellow visions of the skies at Alios Ilios – the flagship restaurant of the resort which was recently awarded among the best restaurants in Greece by the Greek Cuisine Awards.

The sun gazing experience at Alios Ilios is punctuated with culinary perfection

Alios Ilios means “the sun setting and rising into the sea” –inspired by the unique sunsets that make Santorini such a sought-after destination and. The sun gazing experience here is punctuated with culinary perfection – especially since the restaurant offers an irresistible dinner for two to seal every twilight.

Couples seeking romance will enjoy the menu by Alios Ilios at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa. The price-set romantic menu includes four dishes from our a la carte menu, accompanied by a bottle of either Assyrtiko or Mavrotragano wine.

Guests are encouraged to book this dinner package via the Santo Maris Oia website, or through our Guest Experience specialists. For those who want to enjoy a dining experience second to none during the sunset in the privacy of their own suite, Alios Ilios offers this exclusive dining opportunity.